Mercedes Benz GLA Class First Drive Review


Mercedes Benz GLA Class Overview

Mercedes’ A-Class siblings in India are quite popular amongst the young luxury car owners. The hatch looks quite sporty but has limited practicality, the CLA has a swanky rear but cabin space is below average. However, the biggest sibling GLA offers the best of both worlds – style and practicality. Recently Mercedes gave it a mild facelift just like the other two. We drive the updated compact SUV to see the changes and examine if the three-pointed star is really a worthy alternative to the full-size mass market SUVs.

The Mercedes GLA is an all new car that was launched in 2014 globally without having any predecessor. It is an entry-level SUV in the Mercedes lineup positioned under the GLC mid-size SUV. The GLA competes with the BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 and is offered in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive layouts. You also get an AMG version of the GLA in India.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Style

When first launched, the GLA appeared to be a spruced up version of the A-class. The basic shape, headlamps, pillars and fenders were similar. This time the GLA will get new headlamps. The taillamps will also be replaced by newer and better ones. They will be sleeker than before and will also have better illumination. The 2017 GLA will also get new bumpers at the from and rear. The ducts too will be newly designed. There will be modifications to the front grill as well to be it look more beefy. Apart from this there will not be any major change on the vehicle. The 2017 Mercedes-GLA will carry all the design traits go the earlier GLA, which includes a long bonnet and sleek rear profile. The GLA 45 AMG will also be offered with a beefed up look and larger alloy wheels wand low profile tyres. Apply car loan for Benz GLA Class at fincarz.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Space

Just like the exterior, the changes to the inside are minimal. There are now two new trim options – sail-patterned trim on the Sports edition and black matrix trim on the Style edition. The instrument panel is new with an 11.6 cm colour multifunction display and has a concentric circle meter design with neat red needles. The new GLA also has an ambient lighting system with 12 selectable colours. The rest remain from the earlier car and the GLA is fairly well equipped with bits like a large panoramic sunroof, attention assist, powered tailgate, powered front seats with memory and an 8-inch infotainment screen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Curiously, however, it makes do with a manual AC system only. Another odd bit is a reverse camera system but with no audio warnings.

Seating is comfortable and what’s nice is the small extendable underthigh support on both front seats. Space, on the whole, isn’t very large by the standards of its competitors, headroom and rear legroom is just sufficient for my five-foot-eight frame and what adds to the hemmed-in feeling is the narrow all-round glass house. In fact, you will notice the slightly restricted view out at the front thanks to the short height of the windshield. Beige interiors and a large sunroof on our car did alleviate this to an extent.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Engine

Mercedes has a newer 2-litre diesel that’s under the hood of the new E-class but this will feature only on the next-generation GLA platform. Thus, powertrain choices, for now, include a 1,991cc petrol engine and a 2,143cc diesel in two states of tune. We are driving the 220d with the higher powered output that puts out 170hp and 350Nm of torque compared to the 200d’s 136hp and 300Nm of torque. The 2.1-litre diesel has been the mainstay of the Mercedes fleet powering everything from A- to E-class and on the GLA it does a decent job. Acceleration is brisk and power comes in from low revs. There is a small spike in power around the 1700rpm mark post which power delivery is linear all the way to the redline. The downside is the sound level that is higher than you would expect on a Rs 30 lakh car. The engine is quite audible at low revs and gets quite loud as the speed builds. To know more information on Mercedes Benz GLA Class visit Midasedu

One big improvement the GLA got in 2016 was a change in the driving modes which brought in an off-road and individual (customisable) mode. These remain on the current car and alter the powertrain and steering only, with no further changes to the suspension or other dynamic components of the car. In our earlier testing, we found the GLA to be no SUV but it can easily indulge in some light off-roading with the four-wheel drive and sufficient clearance. There is also a hill descent mode to bring the GLA down slopes in a controlled manner.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Driving

Mercedes has upped its game in the dynamics department with the newer lot of cars. Same is the case with the GLA and its ride and handling balance. I really like the way it soaks bumps and takes undulations. You won’t feel out of place on bad Indian roads with this pliant ride quality. Well, ride has been Mercedes’ forte always but they have managed to strike the right balance of handling as well. The nose turns in quickly with your steering inputs and the feedback isn’t numb. It provides consistent feel while cornering and you know where it’s going. Body roll is there but it’s not to the extent that you get annoyed, the roll is controllable. I was a bit disappointed with the brakes of my test car because the previous publication who got hold of it had tested it on the BIC. The brake pads were worn off and the pedal feel was inconsistent.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Safety

Safety is a big priority for the three-pointed star and the GLA gets high-tech equipment including ABS, ESP, 6 airbags, hill descent control, tyre pressure monitoring system, attention assist, etc. Mercedes is spreading its foothold in the Indian market rapidly and the network is getting quite strong pan India. In this scenario you need not worry about the after sales, which is quite manageable even in non-metro cities. Yes, it is a German luxury car and you should be ready for heavy bills if you damage a crucial part.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Cost in Pune

Mercedes Benz GLA Class On Road Price is 36,41,174/- and Ex-showroom Price is 30,65,000/- in Pune. Mercedes Benz GLA Class comes in 4 colours, namely Cirrus White,Polar Silver,Jupiter Red,Orient Brown. Mercedes Benz GLA Class comes with AWD with 2143 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 134 bhp@3600-4400 rpm and Peak Torque 300 Nm@1600-3000 rpm DRIVE TRAIN AWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 9.9 seconds . Mercedes Benz GLA Class comes with Automatic Transmission with AWD .Check Mercedes Benz GLA Class On Road Price In Pune at Autozhop.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Conclusion

Mercedes should have done a bit more with the facelift. The GLA isn’t the largest or best-driving SUV and needs a change soon. However, it does deliver a stylish car that can manage some light off-roading and is well equipped too. Besides, it will appeal to those looking to stand apart from the typical SUV brigade. The GLA is priced from Rs 30.65 lakh to Rs 36.75 lakh for the 220d 4matic that we are driving and interestingly that means, thanks to GST, you now pay around Rs 3 lakh less for a facelifted car.

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