What Questions Should I Consider When Evaluation Or Reevaluation Is Proposed?


Hera are some of the questions should I consider when evaluation or reevaluation is proposed are as follows 

1. What tests and other evaluation materials are being considered for my child? Why? How will the information be used to plan my child’s education? Check for Educational Evaluations in US at UT Evaluators

2. Will the evaluator observe my child in the classroom and talk to my child’s teachers?

3. Has the evaluator had experience testing children whose problems may be similar to my child’s?

4. Will my child’s disability interfere with obtaining valid test scores in any area?

5. Will a translator or an interpreter be available if my child needs one? Testing must be done in a child’s native language or sign language if needed.

6. Is my child similar to the group on which the test was normed (the children used when the test was developed)? Is the person responsible for conducting the test familiar with my child’s culture?

7. Will test scores be based on my child’s grade or age? If my child was retained, how will that be considered in evaluating the test results? For Educational Evaluations in US visit here

8. What kind of information will I be asked to contribute to the evaluation?

9. What will be done to help my child feel comfortable during the testing session?

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