The Best 5 Things You Can Do On Social Media To Boost Your Career

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Earlier this month we highlighted on the dangers of excessive social media usage and advocated for a more purposeful approach to online platforms. Today, we share insights on how you can boost your career with your social media accounts. Yes, there’s such a thing as using social media to boost your career—

And here are 5 things you can do today that’ll help you on your career path.

1. Get a professional photo:

Is your LinkedIn photo a blurry image of you wearing a suit three years ago? Change it as soon as possible to a clear image of you in front of a simple background. Does your Facebook profile picture feature you having drinks with the boys? Change it to something more appropriate.

No profile picture on your twitter? put up one. Clear images show a level of transparency and professionalism that managers looking to hire you will find attractive. For more info visit SEO Agency in London

2. Follow influencers in your industry and share their writings and projects:

Get a regular dose of advice and guidance (and even expand your professional network) by following trailblazers in your field. Do you find their articles motivating and are you inspired by how they express their thoughts better than you can? It’s time to start sharing.

When you share, comment, or like something, people see it. Which means you can start to build your personal brand and become a thought leader in your space with the click of a button. Share them, comment with your thoughts, or tag people who might also like them. The more good stuff you attach to your name, the more reputable you’ll look.

3. Join a group:

There are a good number of interactive groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can participate in or orchestrate interesting conversations, get advice on career issues, find a mentor, or even network your way to a job. All you have to do is find one you like and join in!

4. Stalk:

Admit it, you do this already. We are however suggesting you do it for more work-related reasons. Say, stalking a company’s Instagram so you have something to talk about in an interview. Or, going through an influencer’s Twitter feed to get a feel of how they manage their office (and how you can, too). Or, checking out someone’s Facebook so you have an anecdote to include in your email. Maybe let’s not call it stalking but research. Foe SEO services visit

5. Write a personal bio or edit your former bio:

Writing a professional bio is important as it’s an intro to your online presence. Maybe you made your professional bio months ago and don’t want to rewrite it. Fine—but how about editing it? Cut out unnecessary buzzwords as well as long-winded stories about how you spend all weekend eating Jollof rice.

Add bullet points to your most important previous experiences, or remove old and irrelevant ones. Not certain if your content’s 100% HR-approved, but not willing to change it? Well then consider changing your privacy settings.

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