BMW X6 Hatchback Overview

BMW X6 Overview

There are coupes and SUVs. And then there are cars like the BMW X6 that sport a coupe design on an SUV-sized body. Now, when the first X6 was introduced, the marriage between a Coupe and an SUV was unseen. But despite that, more than 2,60,000 units of the car were sold, reflecting the gradual acceptance of what BMW called a ‘Sports Activity Coupe’. However, it had a love it-hate it kind of aura to it. In the 2015 iteration, the Munich-based car maker has worked towards making it better. Not just in terms of design, but also on the inside. We find out how different the new model is. View Price & Offers on BMW X6 at CarzPrice

BMW X6 Design & Styling

The coupe SUV design hybrid is what makes the X6 stand out from the crowd. The new generation model seems to have combined these two body styles to better effect. The masculine presence of an SUV is still there but has been toned down compared to the previous model while the coupe highlights have been further accentuated. The nose is also longer and looks a lot more aggressive this time, thanks to the new BMW family face. The headlamps and kidney grille are wider and it does give the X6 some more presence. India gets the M Sport variant – this model offers a styling kit that elevates the design further by adding a sportier front bumper with larger air intakes, side skirts and a diffuser insert for the rear bumper. The coupe silhouette is more appealing this time and there are additional definition lines on the sides.

It also runs large 19-inch M Style wheels with mixed size tyres. The X6 you see here is running optional 20-inch wheels shod with ridiculously wide hypercar like 315-section rear tyres. The high bootlid stays but the tail lamps are a lot more prominent as they are wider and sleeker than before. This along with the dual exhausts and contrasting gloss black inserts in the bumper add to the aggressive and strong character. Overall, the design isn’t a revolutionary change, but one that has been predictable and gradual.

BMW X6 Interior & Space

The X6 is new on the inside too. Those of you familiar with BMW’s interior style sheet will find the cabin familiar. The more upright instrument binnacle, the double-deck outer vents and the more bulbous steering boss are all familiar BMW SUV details, but there’s enough new stuff to keep the cabin looking fresh. A wide band of chrome separates the top half of the dash from the lighter lower parts, detailing on the interiors is sumptuous with soft edges, and chrome highlights add to the sporty feel of the cabin.

The new cabin also gets a much more useable rear seat, with better support and space. You can now seat three abreast in comfort. The new X6 also gets a pair of neatly trimmed kneepads for the driver. They flank the centre console to provide supportive leg-bracing when the cornering forces get large, preventing that typical pain in the knee you experience on hard driving.

BMW X6 Engine & Gearbox

Under the hood sits BMW’s most recent gem — a smooth, free-revving diesel six with not one, not two, but three turbos! The M50d’s 3.0-litre, triple-turbo straight-six produces 381bhp and commercial vehicle-like torque of 75.45kgm. All this is achieved because BMW has reduced the compression ratio of this diesel to just 16:1, really low considering few petrols nowadays come with a 12:1 ratio. The lower compression allows for greater ‘fill’ from the three turbos at maximum boost, and BMW has made sure injection pressure is good enough to supply plenty of diesel. The M50d’s injection pressure is upped to a really high 2,200bar when the engine is running at max speed.

How do the three turbos work together? To begin with, a small variable-geometry turbo comes in at low revs. This allows for fast responses and a reduction in lag as the light turbo is easy to spool up even with a small tap on the throttle. There is a hint of lag as you take off, but the quick eight-speed gearbox ratios help you overcome this in a jiffy. The larger main turbo joins the fray at just 1,500rpm, and takes responsibility for most of the meaty midrange. So, after 2,000rpm, responses are massive and explosive bursts of acceleration are just a flex of your right foot away. The third turbo is small again and chimes in at approximately 2,600rpm, helping give the mid range a boost. The best bit is that the turbos overlap so smoothly, you really need to pay attention to notice where each comes in, especially if you accelerate flat out in one long seamless pull all the way to 5,600rpm.

As a result, the X6 M50d is really quick. This 2.2-tonne SUV does 0-100 in an insane 5.3 seconds, and that’s just the start of it. And the manic pull in the higher gears simply has to be experienced. The motor delivers huge thrust from 2,000rpm to 5,000rpm, and the manner in which it progresses up the powerband is so undiesel-like, you almost forget it is one. Yes, it growls like a diesel in the midrange under load and there’s a hint of clatter too, but there’s also a nice snarl in the top end that sounds just great. At speed, the X6’s most remarkable feature is its near-petrol-like hush.

BMW X6 Ride & Handling

BMW has focused in making the X6 even more involving to drive than before and it’s quite obvious when behind the wheel. Chassis technology is evolving and it only makes sense to make full use of it. Torsional stiffness has been claimed to improve when compared to the predecessor. The use of thermoplastics in the side panels, aluminum in the bonnet and magnesium in the instrument panel support help reduce the overall weight. This way, despite the larger footprint, the X6 is now 40 kilos lighter than before. The mix of materials has also helped achieve a 50:50 weight distribution. Check for BMW car dealers in India @

The electric steering is light and quick but could have offered more feedback. This is also the case with the X5 and most new electric systems. However, chassis control, thanks to the adaptive suspension, is commendable. Body roll is surprisingly controlled and the X6 actually corners enthusiastically. Full time all-wheel drive with torque vectoring assures great levels of grip – great for a vehicle of this size and height. It’s not the last word when it comes to dynamics but the X6 does put a smile on your face when driven around corners. In terms of handling, it even has the potential to rival quite a few luxury cars. The brakes offer good bite and are progressive, making it a confident machine to drive through a ghat section or racetrack. Like most prospective buyers, we didn’t bother to take the X6 off-road. Besides, the optional 20-inch wheels and low profile tyres meant we preferred not to.

Like most new generation BMWs, ride quality has significantly improved compared to its predecessor. On smooth roads and at high speeds, the ride is enjoyable with predictable damping and you’re rewarded with a nice and pliant ride. But drive through sharp bumps (which are abundant on our roads) or undulations in the tarmac and the ride becomes uneasy and stiff. The culprits here are the optional 20-inch wheels. Such low profile tyres, that too run flats, ruin an otherwise decent ride. The standard 19-inch wheels are the smart choice and they should significantly improve ride quality, especially with the dampers set to the soft setting.

BMW X6 Features and Equipment:

The 2015 X6 comes heavily loaded with features. From Head-Up Display, night vision with dynamic light spot, 360 degree camera to parking assist, the X6 has it all. In terms of safety, the X6 gets 6 airbags, ABS, EBD and all other abbreviations you can think of. It also gets Lane departure warning and pedestrian alert. For the passengers at the back there are two separate HD 9.2-inch monitors with separate DVD drives to view different films on. Talking about movies and sound, the 2015 BMW X6 also comes with a 16 speaker Bang and Olufsen high end surround sound system.

The centre console gets a 10.25-inch screen below which is the dual zone climate control and the controls for the integrated Bang and Olufsen infotainment system. Aside from the media and navigation, the screen also displays vehicle information and settings too. All the buttons are soft touch and well within reach. And then there is the automatic tailgate operation. If you hands are full after a shopping spree, a quick wave of the foot under the rear bumper opens up the tailgate.

BMW X6 Price

Bmw X6 Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 94,15,000/- (X6 xDrive 35i M Sport) to 1,82,40,000/- (X6 M STD). Get best offers for Bmw X6 from Bmw Dealers in Hyderabad. Check X6 on road price in Hyderabad

BMW X6 Verdict

The success that BMW achieved with the first X6 took a lot of experts by surprise, especially considering that there are a lot of options available at that price. The Munich-based car maker has been smart to give it timely updates. Given the size of the car it handles fairly well, the engine is an absolute delight and then it won’t break a sweat when driven on a muddy field as well. But while the 2015 X6 isn’t going to stir a revolution like its predecessor, it is an evolution, one in the right direction we must say.

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